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Each month except for December and June, students are recognized for the following: Most Outstanding, Most Improved and Most Academic. 

A student from each house is recognized under each category for a total of 18 students.  Students are recognized over the intercom system, their pictures are taken with a certificate of recognition and posted in the Office Window for all students to view.

September Students of the Month

October Students of the Month

HONOR ROLL 2016-2017

Bath Middle School uses the following numerical equivalents for letter Grades:

A - Outstanding: 90 - 100

B - High Average: 80 - 89

C - Average: 70 - 79

D - Unsatisfactory: 60 - 69

F - Failure: 0 - 59

High Honors = All A's

Honors = All A's & B's

Honorable Mention = One C which is off-set by an A in a core curriculum subject.


8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

AAA AWARDS 2016-2017

Three times a year Bath Middle School recognizes students in each house for their Achievement, Attendance, and positive Attitude. Student are nominated by their House teachers and their names are submitted to the entire staff for approval.  A special recognition ceremony is helf for the students. Parents/Guardians are invited to each AAA Ceremony.

Fall Nominees - December 1, 2016 Awards Ceremony